Carrascar de la Font Roja

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This protected nature area occupies the Menejador sierra (1,352m) in the municipal areas of Alcoi and Ibi. Its east-west orientation accentuates the contrasts between the shady area and the sunny slopes, creating multiple types of landscape. It has one of the best-preserved Mediterranean forests in the land, with shady evergreen oak forests (holm oaks, small-leaf oaks, maples) and perennials such as yews, flowering ash and kermes oak. Each of the areas has its own associated fauna, including mammals (wild boar, genets, wild cats, badgers, etc.), reptiles and above all birds (Bonelli's eagle, golden eagle, vultures, eagle owl, etc.) Numerous routes for visiting the sights (old farmhouses, caves, etc.) start from the Nature Park Information Centre located in the Font Roja sanctuary (tel. 96 533 7620).

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