Dénia's Archaeological Museum

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November-March: 10.30-12.45 and 15.30-17.45 h. April-May: 10.30-13,15 and 15.30 to 18.45 h. June: 10.30-13.15 and 15.30 to 19.15 h. July-August: 10.30-13.15 and 17.30-20.15 h. September: 10.30-13.15 and 16.30-19.45 h. October: 10.30-12.45 and 15.30-18.15 h.

The Museum presents Dénia's evolution from its origins in the Iberian period up to the XVIII century. The centre guards important and interesting elements from the Roman Era, a Mercury in bronze, which dates back to the III century. It also possesses a collection of Islamic bronzes from the XI and XII century.