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València is a special city! Here, you can both step back in time and experience centuries-old traditions and live in the moment and discover the best of innovation, arts and science. This city is one that welcomes you and makes you feel like a part of its festivals, people, sites, beaches and landscapes from the very beginning.

Touring València means getting lost in the streets of its beautiful Old Town. One neighbourhood, Carmen, a jewel of the city, is a living example of how history and modernity meet. There, you can visit different theatres, go to great bars and restaurants and explore historically-valuable sites like the Catedral de València, Miguelete, Torres de Serrano and Torres de Quart. (The latter two were once fortified gates of the Medieval wall of València.)

Discovering València also means seeing the stunning Mediterranean sunset from Parque de Cabecera or taking a walk through the old riverbed of the Turia River. Today, this riverbed has been turned into a charming park that runs through the entire city and is frequented by runners, bike riders, pet lovers and families with strollers alike. 

As you make your way through the city, you’ll discover Palau de la Música, the charming flower bridge or the famous Exposición bridge (better known as the “La Peineta Bridge.”) Before you leave, make sure you see the City of Arts and Sciences, an impressive display of innovation, culture and art in València.

València is a city full of magic. When you’re there, you get to have unforgettable experiences and feel right at home. The welcoming and open nature of its people make València one of those destinations that always calls you back.

Don’t leave without immersing yourself in València’s two iconic beaches, Malvarrosa Beach and Arenas Beach, which are known for their fine sand and pleasant waters. Malvarrosa Beach is located in the fishing district of Cabanyal. (Fishing is actually one of the oldest jobs in València, and this enclave keeps its heritage and customs intact.) Arenas Beach, which combines old Mediterranean traditions with the pleasures of a modern-day beach, is located next to the marina.

Of course, a trip to València can’t end without going on a delicious food and wine tour. Here, fresh-caught seafood and farm-to-table garden products pave the way for the city’s iconic dishes: like “titaina del Cabanyal,” paella on the beach, esgarraet, horchata and fartons

Sounds good, right? Come experience it all for yourself!


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La Malvarrosa is one of the most important and visited beaches in the Region of Valéncia. It is an urban beach, located on the coast of Valéncia, north of the city's port.
Malvarrosa Beach is the most famous urban beach in Valéncia, where during the summer, thousands of tourists can enjoy its fine sand and pleasant weather. It should not only be appreciated in the summer but during the winter it is one of the pilgrimage places for Valéncians who take advantage of the excellent weather to unwind and relax by the sea. Here you will find some recreational activities on this beautiful beach beyond the summer season.
The exceptional weather conditions of the Region of Valéncia make it an ideal place for the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
With the arrival of Christmas, the cities are dressed in light and colour, and people flood the streets in search of the typical Christmas shopping and enjoy the various activities organised in town. But it is also a time of nativity scenes, and in several points of the city of Valéncia, it is possible to visit some of them.


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