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Terra Natura is the new generation animal park where you are able to discover the "Zooimmersión" (Zoo-immersion), a new concept in the design of habitats that will allow you to make contact with animals with barriers that are invisible to the human eye. The surface area of 320,000 square metres of the Benidorm park is divided into four areas which are: Pangaea, the entrance area of the park, America, Asia and Europe. Each area of Terra Natura represents one of the elements of Nature: Pangaea fire, America air, Asia earth and Europe water. The origin of the planet, Pangaea, is presided over by a great volcano, escorted by metallic figures of enormous insects. The traveller is then offered three journey options. One of these is Europe, the continent that one gains access to through a Mediterranean wood, another is a settlement inspired by the region of Rajasthan, which represents the area of Asia, and finally a town in Nicaragua and another in Guatemala are the inspiration for the American area. In Terra Natura Benidorm you can observe more than 1500 animals of 200 different species, 50 of which are to be found in serious danger of extinction, and more than 2500 examples of more than 160 species of trees, shrubs and creepers from these regions. As well as the thorough and vast zoological collection, its educational offer (through biological signs and didactic information points), its architectural setting and its performance, entertainment and adventure activity offer make Terra Natura the favourite option for families wishing to spend a pleasant and fun day in a natural environment.