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Deep in a valley, surrounded by mountains, set on a hillside one finds Castalla. History and Nature shine with their own light in this city, presided over by an impressive castle that, according to tradition, contained great treasures. This is a part of its history that keeps watch over the narrow and steep streets that make up its urban framework. In its surrounding areas there is an extensive forest mass, populated and rich in species, creating a pleasant environment in which to go for a stroll. Everything is a sight for sore eyes.

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The most direct routes to this town are the Madrid trunk road, N-330, from which one takes the exit along the Sax main road and the central trunk road A-77, which crosses the Maigmó.

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Xorret del Catí is one of the best-known peaks for cycling enthusiasts. Not in vain it has been the finish line of the "Vuelta a España" mountain stage on five occasions, the latest in 2010.
The region can boast of its three provinces with authentic medieval jewels for the traveller's enjoyment in the form of walled cities; monuments considered World Heritage Sites or indestructible fortresses. The importance the Valencian territory had during the Middle Ages has left its imprint in the form of an exalted patrimony that should be visited.
Adventure taken almost to the limit. Where the itinerary becomes hard and narrow, the vie ferrate facilitate the path between rocky walls. Halfway between mountain hiking and climbing, there are vie ferrate. And in the province of Alicante, there are a few interesting ones so that the traveller can enjoy the experience.
On a rocky hill, 785 meters above sea level and dominating the entire basin of the Verde River, rise the remains of the castle from the 11th century. Its silhouette dominates the Castalla population of Alicante, the cradle of perhaps the most celebrated philologist and scholar in Valencian language: Enric Valor. A route through the municipality of the Foia de Castalla region recognises its legacy and invites the traveller to discover its charms.